Reviews and Testimonials


Your Stuft Cookie® was so amazing. We are a national financial advisory firm and I want to send them to our branches across the country for our special events and meetings. A truly special treat!

– Sonny G


Calabasas Cake & Cookie Company makes the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had! Their cookie hits the spot every time!

– Tyler K


OMG, people [in my office] are obsessed with the cookies! Everyone’s been asking if I have any leftover from the event—the cookies have become a token of bargaining for those of us who still have theirs from the bag! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with and for bringing such a delightful treat into the world.

—Shanna A.
Integrated Marketing, Network Television


The best stuffed treat that I have ever had! I love the Sugar Cookie stuft with Lemon Bar and the Confetti Cookie stuft with Birthday Cake. Amazing stuff, but you really can’t go wrong with any Stuft Cookie®!

—Timothy A. Elkins
Regional Partner


I just wanted to let you know that I got ‘stuft” on your fudge brownie peanut butter & pretzel cookie …… and loved it! So delicious! 

– Mark C


When you need a special treat that really makes a statement (and tastes delicious!) the Stuft Cookie® really does the trick - they're fun, they're fast and the folks at Calabasas Cake & Cookie Company know how to put together a great presentation for any office event or activity.

—Andrew Barrett-Weiss
Workplace Experience Manager,, The Car People


The Stuft Cookie® has restored my hope in finding and eating the best cookie in the World… that's right, in the World! Every bite has its origin in passion and purity, rare qualities to come by these days, but the Stuft Cookie® has managed to deliver these qualities into every bite! You have a customer forever.

—Martin C.


Placing a tray of the Stuft Cookie® in front of kids nearly incites a riot in my house. That’s nothing compared to what the adults do! They are the cake of cookies and make other desserts seem very blah by contrast.

—Patrick Reynolds
Chief Strategy Officer, Triton Digital


"I’ve had many cookies and none of them hit the spot like the chocolate chip brownie Stuft Cookie®. I will never again eat a normal cookie again unless it's the Stuft Cookie®.

—Andrew G


The cookies are scrumptious and could not stop eating them!! They are just the right amount of sweetness and the homemade taste you can’t beat! I had to hide them from my kids!!

—Jill L.


CAUTION when consuming! They are addicting!

—Stacy T.


The Stuft Cookie® is literally the BEST cookie I've ever had!

—Vanessa M.


The Stuft Cookie® is soft, fresh and delicious. It truly is the best cookie I have ever had.

—Johnny G


It's hard to just take one bite of a Stuft Cookie®. I usually devour the whole thing!!

—Debbie R.


The Stuft Cookie®?? One word...AMAZING!!! Such a yummy, decadent treat, especially warmed and topped with ice cream!! Unbelievable! They make an awesome, unique little gift or personalized party favor too!! I ordered a ton of them over the holidays and added them to gift baskets. I think the best, however, was how I served them to guests after a Christmas Eve dinner!! I warmed them and added a scoop of ice cream right below the cookie. Then I made a Santa face using a cherry for the nose, icing for the eyes and a whipped cream beard over the ice cream! The hat was made with a strawberry & whipped cream. So cute & beyond yummy!!! Everyone went crazy over them! The best part was when my extreme-diet, strict friend declined one, but I insisted that he have at least one bite. He proceeded to not only eat every last crumb, he then polished off the remainder of his son's plate too!! Haha!! And, knowing him, and his very rigid diet like I do, THAT is a huge testament to the quality of these tasty cookies!

They're so delicious on their own, and I've also found them to be fun to get creative with and dress up! I'm thinking of ordering some for my iphone-loving daughter's birthday party and decorating them with emoticon faces!! So fun! They really make super easy, but unique, party desserts--for adults and kids alike. They are just, they're the ULTIMATE treat!! ;) Thank you, Marlene!!!

—Anna Diamond


The chocolate chip cookie stuffed with fudge brownie is a family favorite! The cookie has a yummy buttery flavor!

—Michelle F.


The Stuft Cookie® has become a staple item that students, parents, and teachers ask for at every event we have at our school.

—Lauren Klapova
Director of Admissions and Outreach, Fusion Academy Warner Center



—Kole and Kamden K.


The Stuft Cookie® was a big hit during Thanksgiving and at my son's fraternity house! Nothing better than a brownie wrapped in a cookie...YUM!!!

—Ruthie K.


I have ordered the Stuft Cookie® for business and personal events. Everyone loves them. I always order extra because I know people have 2! It’s such a great way to personalize a yummy treat and the service is truly top-notch.

—Deborah Sweeney, CEO


Ordered these amazing looking/tasting cookies with personalized packaging for an Executive’s going away party at our office. A huge hit as the party favor! Best enjoyed alone with a cup of coffee or cold glass of milk! Went with the Chocolate chip/brownie stuft as my favorite!

—Lucille S.


The Stuft Cookie® is the perfect party favor for my kids. Delicious and cute and great customer service!

—Kathy D.


The Stuft Cookie® is delectable and delicious, and they have made a fantastic party favor at several events I have thrown. The cookie is amazing, and the custom labeling makes it the perfect party giveaway!

—Hilleri M.


Marlene is excellent to work with, and her cookies are AMAZING! Great customer service and super yummy baked goods! A perfect concoction!

—Erika W. - Customer Support Supervisor


The Stuft Cookie® is delightful and decadent! We had to split the last cookie 5 ways because everyone in our family wanted the last one!

—Sari A.


LOVE the Stuft Cookie®!!! One bite and you are forever hooked!!

—Jill R.